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Darren Roesch

I Changed My Beliefs About Death. So Can You.

Why I no longer believe it is our fate to become worm-feeding detritus.

I write about how we can and do use mental and behavioral structures to create meaningful mental, emotional, routine, cultural, and societal living experiences. …

Using Mental and Emotional Notebook Relics to Create New Realities

A new kind of notebook entry for writers and other creatives.

I made a new kind of entry in my notebook this morning.

It’s a tiny scrap of newsprint taped on a fresh page of my yellow hard bound Leuchtturm1917…

What’s in a jab?

What does the way my nurse gives me a shot say about me?

I went to the psychiatry clinic for a routine shot today.

It probably says a lot about me that I now have to get a shot once a month for my illness. Twenty…

Scheduling for Writers, Artists, and Creatives: Paper and Digital Notebooks Calendars, Trackers, and More

Are we too hard on ourselves?

The Saints and Feasts of the Church Calendar, Unknown Painter (circa 1500–1550)

Now that I am in my retired years, my entire focus is on my creative projects. I worked…

Structure is the Secret to a Healthy Mind

The salient lesson of nine years of psychotherapy.

I spent the better part of nine years in weekly therapy sessions. Now that twelve years have passed since my last session, I realize that I am far from idealized. …

Darren Roesch

I write about the role of structure in creating delicious personal, cultural, and societal experiences.

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